A Holiday Event You Don't Want to Miss!
Morning Session 10am-12pm
  • Fuel Your Vibrant Energy with Ningxia Red - Star Moree, Kara Edstrom, & Sarah Kessler Ready to level up your sleep game, boost your chill and stress less, ramp up your energy levels, and even shed inches?
  • Embrace Vibrant Beauty - Sarah Kessler. Want the scoop on how to rock that forever young, fresh-faced look and the hottest anti-aging products? Don’t miss this session!
  • Discover Vibrant Wellness - Panel *Sample them too! Are you looking for a convenient way to naturally boost your energy and enhance your well-being through your daily drink?
  • DIY Workshop - Get ready to DIY your way to holiday magic with Star's Roll-on, Shelia's Laundry Softener, Kara's Room Spray, and Sarah's Christmas Spirit Cleaner – it's a blast!
  • Closing & giveaways
Afternoon Session 1:30pm-4pm:
  • Explore A Rich History of Essential oils - Kara Edstrom This journey back in time will help you connect with the legacy and healing powers of essential oils. See how these ancient oils can enhance your modern well-being today.
  • Discover Vibrant Wellness - Panel We will help you customize your daily supplements. It's all about you!
  • Choose Your Path to Wellness - Lula Schiller Seamlessly weave the must-have supplements and oils into your daily groove for ultimate wellness!
  • Make a Shift - Casey Houghton Unlock savings with the 'Make a Shift Kits' and spill the beans on easy swaps for a healthier home and life to your friends, all while earning referral cash for that dream getaway or some guilt-free grocery shopping.
  • Closing & giveaways
  • Vendor shopping
Bonus Raffle Tickets:
  • Attend event
  • Purchase at the Ningxia Red Bar
  • Dress in your festive shirt of red, green, or pink holiday attire. 
  • Bring a friend 
  • Place your monthly Loyalty Order or Shop order (every 100pv = a ticket)

Grab your ticket by November 29th! 

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Please block your calendars for some of these sessions and grab your ticket sooner than later.

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