CBD Event - ChiroWay
Join us at ChiroWay in Eagan MN for a special class!
ChiroWay Address: 1012 Diffley Rd Suite 600, Eagan, MN 55123 

CBD is NOT a drug.  It is a THC FREE oil that is LEGAL in all 50 states!

  • CBD is the rage and we are on board
  •  It does matter who you buy from
  • Just be assured that Young Living CBD has 0% THC
You're invited to come learn about the benefits of CBD and how these Phytocannabinoids will naturally enhance your body's Endocannibinoid system. They do calm the body down which enables sleep, bring balance, aid the body's natural immune system, and much more.

CBD has a healthy impact on: 
- Emotional wellbeing 
- Stress reduction
- Muscles and Joints 
- Learning
- Brain function
- Gut health
- Energy Balance 
- Immunity
- Reproductive health 
- Weight 

We'll look at the Science, the Research and the Facts!