Kicking Chemicals to the Curb
Event in partnership with ChiroWay and Dr. Bryce Hill Chiropractic in Eagan, MN
(1012 Diffley Road, Suite 600, Eagan, Minnesota 55123)

Let's Kick those chemicals out of your home and body, and have FUN with personal care and cleaning!

We always say that you are the gatekeeper of your home. You get to decide what you allow into your home and what you put on your body. We'll show you "how to do better" for you and your family. We're all on a journey, lets link arms and do it together!

Lets talk about reading labels and understanding what is ACTUALLY in your products that do harm.

Did you know the air inside your Home is 5-10% MORE toxic then the outside air? Who knew it's because of all the products with chemicals that we use in our homes??  There is a better way!  Less toxins, more fun!

Look forward to sharing some information with you and dialoguing with you:)

Try out the free DIY too at this event!

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Kristi Hunt
Empowering Natural Selfcare
Gold YL Leader